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Liquor Permit Consulting

Compliance & Citations
Complex Cases
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Violations Fines & Compliance Issues

Have a problem with The State of CT Department of Consumer Protection, Local Building Codes, the local Fire Marshall we can help.

Liquor Violations >
Will result in required attendance at a compliance hearing.  Examples of violations are:  sale to minors, sale to intoxicated persons, operating under expired or invalid permit, advertising drink offers not allowed, failure to post permit, and failure to have permit stamped to name a few.  Should this happen to you, it is highly recommended that you attend the hearing with an experienced advocate.  Connecticut Liquor Permit has the experience to negotiate the best possible resolution based on the violation.

How can we help?

At Connecticut Liquor Permit, we handle all liquor permit and license types in the State of Connecticut. Our solutions cover a broad range of businesses, including bars, breweries, cafes, grocery stores, liquor stores, package stores, and restaurants.

> New Liquor Permits & Licenses

> Renewal Permits & Licenses 

> Liquor Permit Compliance & Citations 

We work closely with the State of CT Department of Consumer Protection, Liquor Control Division in Hartford to help you document and file the applications and forms correctly the first time.     And we come to your site or office to make it an easy process.  


Navigating the process can be complex and time consuming and we make it easy for you.

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