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Liquor Permits

The Department of Consumer Protection of the State of CT requires licenses to store, transport, serve and sell any alcoholic beverage.

At CT Liquor Permit we provide service for ALL classes of permits/ licenses offered by the State of CT.    In fact the state only offers permits specific to a location, class and permatee and not licenses that can be sold, purchased or transferred.     If you purchase a bar or restaurant that services alcohol you need to apply for a new liquor permit.    

The following classes of permits are offered by CT Liquor Permit'


We are a full service permit expediting service for all Liquor Licenses & Permits in the State of Connecticut.   If you need a permit we can help you from beginning to end to get your state approvals with no hassle. 


Regardless of the type of establishment -- if you are handling, serving, selling or manufacturing liquor we have the team and experience to get your permit done right the first time.  


Contact us regarding all issues regarding your liquor permit including consulting and compliance support.

Liquor Permit Types

On-Premises Permit


Cafe Liquor Permit

Grocery Beer Permit

Package Store Permit

Restaurant Liquor Permit


Manufacturer Permit                   


Manufacturer of Spirits, Manufacturer of Beer & Manufacturer Farm Winery 

Connecticut Craft Café Permit

Gift Basket Retailer Permit

Farmers’ Market Sales Permit


Off-Site Farm Winery Sales and Tasting Permit 


Package Store Permit                  

Town Package Store Permits Available

Grocery Beer Permit


Wholesaler Liquor/Beer Permit


Warehouse Bottling or Warehouse Storage Permit

Caterer's Permit (Off-Premises)

Temporary Liquor Permit 


Wine Festival Liquor Permit

Brand Label Registration

Out of State Retailer Shipper's Permit for Wine 

Out of State Shipper's Permit

Winery Transporter's Permit OR 

How can we help?

At Connecticut Liquor Permit, we handle all liquor permit and license types in the State of Connecticut. Our solutions cover a broad range of businesses, including bars, breweries, cafes, grocery stores, liquor stores, package stores, and restaurants.

> New Liquor Permits & Licenses

> Renewal Permits & Licenses 

> Liquor Permit Compliance & Citations 

We work closely with the State of CT Department of Consumer Protection, Liquor Control Division in Hartford to help you document and file the applications and forms correctly the first time.     And we come to your site or office to make it an easy process.  


Navigating the process can be complex and time consuming and we make it easy for you.

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