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What does it cost to get a liquor permit in the State of CT?   At CT Liquor Permit we take the guesswork out of obtaining a permit.


Our end-to-end liquor permit service is offered at -A Simple Flat Rates of $3450. plus state application fees.  * State fees vary based upon the permit class. 


 It's that easy.

We do all the work for you..
No up charges or extra's. 
All you have to do is call and we take the hassle and stress off of getting a permit and opening for business. 

Its all we do and we're the experts on all things liquor permit in CT.

Contact Us for a free phone consultation.

Hire an Attorney?
We do it for less - and its all we do.

                                               CT Liquor Permit                  Hire An Attorney

Consultation                               Free                               $125-$255.hour
Strategy & advise                     included                       Per hour
Document gathering              We visit you                 go to their office
Document submission           included                        Per hour + costs

Shop Drawings                          included                       Per hour + costs

Meet w. Town officials             included                       Per hour + mileage

In Person submission

Post Signage                               included                       Per hour + mileage

Temporary Permit                                                          

PROBLEM SOLVING                      included                       Per Hour  +++                           

Total                                               $3450.                        $6,000 - $12,000 +

* Plus state of CT filing fees

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